Slimming World:Chocolate Orange Meringue

Hello! Happy Friday (almost Saturday)! I've been back on the Slimming World wagon for four whole days and so far so good. We'll see how long I last this time! *Eye Roll*. I'm hoping to share at least 1 of my favourite Slimming World recipes with you each week. This week, in case you haven't guessed… Continue reading Slimming World:Chocolate Orange Meringue

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My Favourite Restaurants

Hello! I hope you're having a top Tuesday. Today, after having treat day yesterday, I'm back on the wagon and I'm pondering the world of dining out whilst I sit here, mouth-watering, enjoying my strawberries. I thought, whilst I think about all the places I'd love to be eating some grub at today I may… Continue reading My Favourite Restaurants


Pizza, on a wrap?

Happy Saturday all! Today I thought I'd share with you all, food that I make at least once a week. Pizza is my ultimate 'take away' food. That and Chinese, of course. So, when I'm trying to eat better, I crave it like crazy! In order to stick to my plan and not cave to… Continue reading Pizza, on a wrap?


Sticky Chicken and Rice 🍚

Mmmmmmmm dinner time! For tonight's dinner, myself and my partner in crime teamed up to make the tastiest sticky chicken and fried rice! Ta-dah! ... I have a unhealthy addiction passion for food. Particularly food that puts on the pounds... I learnt to make this dish when I was doing Slimming World. Although I no… Continue reading Sticky Chicken and Rice 🍚


Coffee, Caramel and Calories…

  Today I picked up some 'low cal' goodies from Aldi! I'd seen people posting about the Beanies Flavoured Coffees and have been dying to try them. To my delight when browsing the middle aisle (the best aisle) of Aldi, there they were! Tonnes of the pots! I chose Cookie Dough and Caramel Popcorn. I'm… Continue reading Coffee, Caramel and Calories…